Angel With A Smile


United States
34° 48' 35.6364" N, 106° 34' 55.1244" W

Nothing can inspire me more,
Than an Angel with a Smile.
A girl, a boy, a human of sorts,
a person with a smile.
Anyone who takes some time,
to brighten someones day.
To help a broken heart to heal,
to make that persons day.
Whether its flowers, a compliment, or just a friendly smile,
can make a persons self worth rise and make their day worthwhile.
Its as contagious as a silly laugh, a titter or a giggle,
but on behalf of those who are sad,
I'd like to share a little..
Nothing really inspires me more
than an Angel with a Smile.
So take some time today or tomorrow,
just change your own lifestyle.
Take some time out of every day,
to be an Angel, please don't delay!


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