Dear Gate Keeper

Made of steel, built out of sweet blood, and salty tears

Creating the barrier of a lifetime, to guard all your fears

Bolts and wires, torches on the tops, strung with spikes to force them to stop

Melted with pain, welded with anger, pushed together with your tears

Constructed out of those days when you were so low,

the bottom of the ocean envied you


Built from the flesh up, tearing at your limbs,

nailing together every inch that could be nailed

Watching the maroon drip from the edges, as you smiled with great joy

No one could ever run past, break through, burn it down

No one could bust through, explode the wall,

and you were so proud


Every emotion, every tear, every scream, every inch

All of the sadness, all of the anger, all of the horror,

trapped behind the walls, clawing to get out,

and the only one with the key, was you

The only one to ever allow a freedom, was you

Even the simplest of feelings, were trapped

Sealed within iron bars, locked with a thousand twists and turns


Dear gate keeper, with your eyes sewn shut, with your heart closed in

With your voice taken away, your smile hidden in fear

Your ears bolted in, closing the world out

Hear me cry for you, hear me scream, feel me shout

Your wall is so beautifully built, so brilliantly constructed

Not a flaw in sight, but the inside is so dented,

the interior is so scratched, so burnt, so bent


Let me in, allow me to see

How great your smile can be,

how radiant your eyes can glow,

and how strong your voice can be,

if you put on a show


Dear gate keeper, I would leave you alone, I really would

But I see too much shine inside of you, if you want me to prove it

I certainly could


-Chloe Aldecoa


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