Her Smile

Happy or Sad

You'll never know

she never lets it show.

She thinks smile, please stay awhile

don't go, NO, don't go.

Then they'd all know

I need for you to stay,

never go away.

Smile, you keep my secrets

all of the bits and pieces

that i don't care to share


Sometimes it feels like too much to bare,

yet my best bet is to smile.

Although, I feel so down...

I just want to frown.

This is how I feel;

aren't I allowed to feel?

Am i not real?

You are real.

This is what her smile tells her.

Use me

This is what her smile tells her.

They don't deserve to see

what I know

just let it go you don't need to let it show.

This is what her smile tells her.


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