Funny Accent and an Uncomfortable Bed

In the mirror,

I dread

The ancient scar on my knee

The mysterious mark on my cheek

The great size of my thighs

The stubborn crook in my teeth

The several creases on my stomach

The fuzzy hair on my chest,

But despite how obvious 

And how ugly

My imperfections seem to be,

You only take the time to fix the one you see.



I love when

You call me Wendy

While I feel like a lost girl.


I do not lie

But I try to hide

The lingering sadness

You always happen to find.


It flows out of me—



I remember

When you had stayed up with me that one night

And you offered to dance.

I couldn’t resist your eyes—

They were the ocean and the sky,

Emotions ran deep and hopes ran high.

We waltzed. 

You were mine

And we were lost together.


My smiles 

Are most genuine

In moments with you—

Like when you had sung


That French song

With the “funny accent”—

The one that you had first heard

While we laid in my “uncomfortable bed.”


I could’ve stayed there forever—



I talk

Of the vast beauty in the world—

Trying to convince you it’s in everything

While I see it the most in you:

In the way you get me to laugh

In the way you hold me close

In the way you spin me around

In the way you wipe away my tears

In the way you quiet down my fears.


Because I love you,

I want to open up

Because I love you,

I want you to stay



Because you love me,

You want to help

Because you love me,


You want me to say—



I feel

Like I am untouchable.

Like I am perfection.

Like I am yours…

I hope

One out of three is good enough.

One out of three is perfect enough.


One out of three is just enough

To make me feel right.


I love you

Because you don’t believe

I’m imperfect in the same way

I do.


You love me

Because you believe

My smile is worth

Waiting for.


Now that’s something to clap for, Tink.

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