Yo, It's Time to Smile

I look too serious, call me delirious
I am too quiet, but they never seem to defy it
I seem too angry, can you really blame me?

Because I am in a world

Where love and peace no longer exist,

How much longer until I call it quits?

The world defines me

As being the real me,

But they only see the reel me.

In reality: I hurt, I cry, and I feel.

Those three I dare not to deny.

Words are just words,

But they encompass me like a never ending herd

Words judge me

So much, they unnerve me

But I have to be brave

And behave as if I am sane


I truly wish for perfect bliss

But that seems unachievable in

A world that is amiss

Regardless, I stand tall and smile

Even if for a little while.


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