Dark Past (Don't Worry About Me, I'm Fine.... Part 2)

That feeling of curiosity


The girl who others knew always smiles and laughs

But don't know about her dark past

With her head held up high all the time

They don't know the suffering she went through in the past

They never saw her cry

She tries to stay strong

Held back the tears that soon were to stroll down her cheeks

She still carries that pain from what feels like a million years ago

That pain

That sadness

That drove her into the darkness for a long period of time

But once in for all

The light appeared again

What it looked like is a door leading to the future

She opened the door and never went back

That girl who others knew always smile and laugh

Is looking towards her future

Not looking back in the past

Not shutting people out

She put her dark past behind her







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