I Can Relate


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You say you can relate to what I have been though
But you haven't walked a mile in my shoes
You haven't been through my trials and tribulations
You say you can relate to what I've been through
But can you?
Can you tell me you've come home to darkness and misery
Can you tell me your rock, your protector , your reason to smile, your father has turned your world upside down
Pushed, tortured, and mistreated you
But yet, just yet
You smile and laugh everyday like there's nothing bothering you
Beating and killing you on the inside
You say you can relate to what I've been through
But how can you relate if you haven't been through it too?
When you have been held down and thrust upon
Having your innocence suddenly vanishing
Giving the feeling that your meaningless
That love will never exist for you
That's when "I can relate" may grace your lips
But until then you can't relate to anything I've been through
Until you have truly walked a mile in my shoes



I can relate. If you read the things I have written, you will know I can relate.

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