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Think long and hard about this next one Don't be too quick to say, 'I'm done' Let your thoughts fade away in this very moment Forget every single thing you've ever learnt
Coming back to this floor where I lay on a house with broken bones. one year has gone by since I laid and fathomed what it would feel like to leave this behind  
The rushing of black water that slowly envelops,   With a dark terrifying matter without any grace   Leaving me to run down the rolling slopes  
Imagine all the people in, Many countries around the world. And I still can't find the one for me. Generic, I know. No one likes me for who I am inside, Always getting hurt or used.
I was born in Texas one February morning Took my first steps and soon started walking I found my voice and never stopped talking Lost my first tooth and couldn’t stop smiling  
With 1800 hands in my mind, I carved initials into my eyes.   I turned down my volume to see vernacular art, Blinking morse code the way to my heart,   Only to hear you squeak:
An untamable spirit, fierce, full of love. As dangerous as a hurricane, more calming than a dove. Some claim she’s a warrior, retaining belligerence.
Oh? Who is that there? That beautiful person, Yes, you, gorgeous. Perfection, I love you; I love…myself. Yes me 
I remember being 12  going to the movies with friends  the purity of not knowing  the simplicity of worrying about  what others thought of me.    I remember being 16 
Out the womb, fresh air, I finally feel the breeze. Couple years later, I’m walkin, wobbly in the knees. Now I’m finally in pre-school, tryna figure what I wanted to be.
Look mom, look dad, I got a car! I can see that I've come far. I have freedom to go places, I have my keys, I can drive and go where I please. Thank you parents for teaching me how to drive,
A hard wood high chair was where I sat It is uncomfortable now but not at the age I was at I looked around the room and saw many people eating It was another Saturday night and we were having a family meeting
  Leggings and shorts, Pigtails and Dora bangs, Crooked teeth and shiny new glasses.   That was me. That was sixth grade.   That was cool when we were 10
I once was a child, young and care-free, I acted as a child, “Mom, I found a dollar!” I played as a child, “I want to play the teacher!” I thought as a child, “I cannot wait to grow up!” One day it hit me,
What’s it to you friend If I had known you when we made some mistakes time and time again So let me tell you what; let me implore you the lesson
Do you ever feel afraid of being left out?  Do you ever feel like no one sees the tears flowing out?  Do you ever feel like the third wheel in a group of twenty?  Do you ever feel like this?  Oh yes, plenty! 
Roses are red violets are blue I like scholarships how about you. They help you pay they help you slay they help pay for college dang all day I have to say that from today I have confidence to win this scholarship yay
Using paper maché with a wire armature, I created a blooming sunflower able to stand on its roots.
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
To ask of my Mentor, Is to ask quite a thing.  To ask of my Leader, Compels me to sing.   His power and glory Can't be known to the world.  His love and His kindness
today i went looking for scholarships, hoping to cash in on the wealth the media has told me will be freely granted to me  by virtue of my "queerness"-- and find myself terrifically underqualified.  
 Oh, how lovely you are. Oh, how nice you are. Oh, how beautiful you are.   You have taught me how to love again. See the true and profound love you have For me.  
As an advocate for the New World,  I encorage the next generation and the ones to follow,  to keep loving what you do. Why would you want to be unhapppy in such a beautiful life?
Grandma's hands Clapped in church on Sunday morning Grandma's hands Played a tambourine so well Grandma's hands Used to issue out a warning She'd say, "Baby don't you run so fast
The tranquility of the living earth Has brought me peace inside But mainly because the things I see For others it will hide   As I coast along this busy world I question myself here
Deadlines are creeping We need scholarships badly Please give me money
Down on a glooomy day, Depression took contol of my ways,  The therapeutic words in poetry, Had me feeling like a bear with honey to eat,  Poetry is protein for the soul, 
I’m a poster child with no more room on the wall, And I want to be the molly ringwald of every situation. The eyes in the back of my head hear you talking bad about me,
The Life of a College Student   Hey Mom,   I am writing you from college. You know, I came book smart, but when it comes to household chores I just don’t have that much knowledge.
Knock Knock Who’s there? Oh, hello old friend, back for a visit, I see? I would love to say make yourself comfortable, but you did that for the past year.
  We’ve lived in two different houses both of which we were alone    just us and no one would even know someone else
To my darling, Anxiety—   Hello, I haven’t missed you. Not that you ever left, but if you did I would not miss you. I would not miss the way you make my hands shake when I am feeling vulnerable, 
My dreams turn to screams. Crying, Breathless. Life slipping through my fingertips. Feeling dead, but knowing I am alive.
Crinkled candy wrappers filling the trashcan, I turn to my right and gaze at your caramel skin. Headphones on, you furiously play your favorite video game Which over time causes my eyes to drift away.
Because I love you… I will never let anything come between us I will never let anything hurt you I will never let you be alone
He rushes in through the doors. He tells me all about his day. I laugh at his jokes.   She’s there when I get home. I can’t wait to see her.
In this life, we are taught to feel as though we need to be filled to continue to flow. The words of our loved ones can  encourage our growth,  but what happens when that isn't necessarily so?  
Because I Love You, but not really, I will slip my hands into your mind, Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Body, And I will slowly destroy everything that makes you, You.  
I have always been a vacant lover.  Communication does not come easy when you're a child from a verbally abusive home.
Our relationship should be strong And above all we'll communicate and get along You'll be my best friend and that'll never change We'll go on dates and do those weird couple things
Never have I asked for this, A dungeon with a twist. Never did I want this, A chain lays heavy on my wrist. Never could I pondered this, A life on the list. It was never supposed to happen,
No chance.No way. Next click. Sent away.  Being a princess isn't always easy, particularly when the tuition deadlines breeze in.  Fees to high even for a king.
  Lost in a maze of trees, alone, forgotten I stumbled upon a house, covered in the bowels of darkness, A place familiar to a bird who is perched on a white oak. Tiptoeing, branches swaying in wind
Tick-tock-tick-tock The mice do not run up the clock But panic ensues as she discovers She cannot stay with the others.  
Once Upon a Time In a land, not so far away A young wolf, was held, being blamed for a crime But no one, had known he was a prince, transformed by the fay His task was to search for the girl who borne red
I wake. I cry. 4 A's, but a blemish. The single smudge on my reigning crown. The shade on my everbright domain. The hungry caterpillar to my blooming garden.  The ominous C. 
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
You bring out the psycho in me, the hot-tempered child in me sending me back 15 years to crying to only obtain cravings You bring out the psycho in me,
God Bless America ​Land that I love The land of the free and the home of the brave But is it really the land of the free? I do love my country. I was born and raised in the state of California.
I believe in ME! I always have Don't be negatve Gymnastics all the way!   I believe in ME! Other do not I can do it Dream big You can do it   I believe in ME!
Peruse online for scholarship after scholarshipScrolling through opportunity for leadersLeadershipThe system praises it but at every moment the system oppresses it.We are taught to sit down and shut up. To be quiet and respectful.Tell me, what lea
I now have money I thank you for your help here i can know learn more
Women are strong Women are fierce Yet in today's society  Women are whores When men are considered to be kings This is the madness that needs to be seen People are people and every one sins
No Thank You. I don’t want the stress. Senior year, college too No Thank You.  I can’t deal with it. Not all of the work.
Dreadful Dreadful In every cell Dreadful Daughter Lives in hell Dreadful Dreadful You cant tell Dreadful Daughter Fakes it well Dreadful Dreadful Hear her knell?
Enveloped in a world of adventure, left to relinquish control and trust our own glorious instinct, leaving our monotonous lives behind to discover a literal path,  a path in which we can let our minds explore. 
Write  Write Write essay after essay I'm almost there just a little bit more annnnnnd there I made it  now what?   where do I go from here
My soul is like a peace of paper; white and light and soft and new. My friends are like the pages; close enough to feel the pain, but like a page they too can turn away, who new.
This year was hetic Unbelievable Astonishing Full of new vocabulary 12th grade year Is a waste of time Apply and Apply for more school for needed money Apply
Knowing every second my life goes by, I smile and make my days worthwhile.  It's for those who open there eyes  that don't let good days go by. In fact it's the people like us, the plain, the simple, the just
Every morning I wake From a night full of rest Just to confess That I should've slept For more than I did. With a mind full of thoughts And questions that aught To be answered
Alarms ring, four totalBegin to peel the covers, the warmth, awayChilled feet push up the stairsDrag the boy from his dreams
It's been a long day.  All you want to do is sleep, And make the stress go away. The water is running, The music begins to play, The steam is flourishing,  And a smile hits your face.
The Rain. It trickles down my window seal.It rushes to the ground, doing a cannon- ball on the blades of grass.The Coffee. The smell inpermiates my nose,making me inhale deeply,enjoying its strong aroma. 
The days can only get tougher And life can only get harder- But when I walk in the door and am greeted by your excitement- My day can only get better, And my smile can only get brighter.  
Everything that we do is a problem They feel as if guns are the only way to  solve them. They don't want to see us in no caps and gowns. They'll rather see us in a cell or six feet under gound.
As the sun rolls in Carrying a morning grin That is genuine
I fight for my rights I fight for equality I fight for myself
scary... nail bitting... as we compete with other kids with the same hopes of getting a great scholarship there are only three simple steps, the first is to apply
It means freedom It means opportunities It means being allowed to have feelings   Feelings are raw Feelings are genuine
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
Once there was a girl... that happened to love poetry. Every day would write Day and night   Her first poem was... the giving tree. It taught her love and sharing and sharing is caring
   I was once a Mo(u)rning tide, Lifeless due to the moon's Departure. And so I'd push back into the Sea and hide, because my purpose was unsure.  
Why Why am i writing this Why did i make an account for this random website about something i dont even like Why do i continually do this Making accounts for scholarships for hours on end
I'm trapped here, I don't why, Is it for all my sins, I don't why, Did I kill someone? Was I arrested as a spy? I'm stuck on island, here forever, Should I give up? I say never!
He smells like Old Spice and Degree And a hint of something I can’t quite describe He adjusts his glasses and shakes his head When I say something silly With a smirk on his face
Within, there must be that voice...The one to push you to succeed.For me, it tells me that all is okay,And I need to prepare for what I may see.  
I need college cash (break)  And for that, I need scholarships (break)  Please give me money
Every word that I hear, Is something mean and unclear.   Every child doing this Hitting with punches and kicks.   What is going on with them? Why do they alway pretend?  
On a desert island or a crowded city street The cold in my heart, the ache in my feet One among many or a single body all alone The inability to change the tone Couldn't matter less if I have in my heart
If there is something that I cannot live without, it would be my imagination, without a doubt. I was adopted and family means a lot, and there are things that I have bought, that I hold close and cherish dearly,
Two Hydrogen One Oxygen  The one compound I need  To solve all of California's problems To grow all fruits and greens  To be able to build a sturdy sand castle  Fluid and solid in my dreams 
When morning comes, i'll shield my eyes The rising sun shines through the blinds I roll over in attempt To come back to the dreams i've left Oh how wonderful would it be To stay here in this mindless glee
Late at night sipping coffee bleary -eyed.   Can't take anymore of these endless searches. My computer screen it dances it blurs as I blink.   My life.
Redefinition. Blood, sweat and tears...not for naught. New life to engage.
Everything's awesome, Everything's cool from pencils, to blankets, to Prince George's drool movies, and books, and your grandmother's pool Also what's awesome are scholarships  
Rippling through my tresses Lifting both my soul and my hemline The wind soars through me   On the swings Flying up to the clouds Drifting back down again and again The wind is here for me
As I sit at my computer and think to myself, how can i make college happen,  i've got no money on my shelf, change in my pocket is replaced with nothin'.   Everyone tells me my dream school won't accept me,
Stayed up and studied all night, third week in a row. Patiently waiting for my test grade, athough i already know. Straigth A student since grade school, Nobody's better than me 
At first, I said nay until she came my way to brighten up my life; to ease up my pains. I had yet to hear from miracles; that they existed in plain, or plainly insisted
what do you see when you look at me our perspectives are completely divergent because you see a girl
Sliding my fingers
Dream Big and Dream Small Dont let the Failures Fall Step High and Step Low Choose the Right Path to go Succeed Now and Succeed Later Succeed when you Make Friends with Haters Live Now and Live Then
My blood sugar's high. Oh well, the cake was worth it! Time for insulin!
Sometimes- I tremble like the fault lines,
When I walk down the street, I feel their eyes They look at me but don’t know why I used to stay in my room and hide Scared of judgments, Terrified.   One day I took a glance in a glass
It's who I am. I've always been tall. And no, I don't play basketball or volleyball. I am constantly stranded in a sea of small and world of petite. Yes, my feet are large, but imagine if I had small feet.
No filter on my face,  Nothing taking my place, 
When I was born I became rooted, To be protected from the harm. I grew a little taller, I matured as my hairs grew. I always stare at the blue ceiling, With white puffs, I see who were just like me.
Infinite number of uses Touching, holding, & transportation
Why even try? Constantly feeling the need to get their approval and for what? Praise? Recognition? Why is it that you go out of your way for them, after everything? An apology?
I'm quiet and fierce. I'm alive in the shadows,
I'm flawless! I'm handsome, i'm intelligent, and I'm FLAWLESS. No problems ever come my way, today is my day... to show the world that I'm flawless. And all of my worries, leave my mind in a hurry, because i'm flawless.
Her wallets missing and ofcourse she looks at the black man, cursed for eternity by the problems caused by a much lighter skin, complexion has become a way of detection, license and registration, would you mind opening your trunk for us sir, they
What is the definition of N
I remember being a kid, and a white man called me a "wetback' I went back to my mom with the word, and said "what's that?' She asked where I got it from, and cried when she heard
  It all started with a ball and a dream, One kick and run down the field and I wanted to be part of the team. Sweat dripping and breath becoming faster, I knew that one day this was the sport I would master.
I'm a laugherI'm a comedianI'm a jokester   I'm a loverI'm compassionateI'm a hugger   I'm a realistI'm a black womanI'm a journalist  
I am a wallfower around, but never really noticed. To others it seems like I have my life together, but actually I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. To my friends I'm the quiet one who's along for the ride.
Here's a little story of the girl who thought she'd never make it. Growing up in a world that told her all she has to do is fake it. Seeing the world in black and white isn't right, and she knew it, 
Hidden Behind The Curtain   It's a masquerade ball monsters are beautified to all
I’m not supposed to call it mine My anxiety and depression isn’t supposed to be mine, I’m supposed to distance myself because somehow that helps.  Somehow saying it isn’t mine makes it okay
 As I smile and smile another day passes,  the same old, same old,  all they see is me laughing and giggling, but do they really see me, behind closed curtains my insides are screaming,
~a heart once so pure Heavy with burdens ~Smiles turn to gold Shy to break, soft to hold ~molded in flawless to be just flaws ~A heavy broken smile is all I am
Your flaws make you perfect. It forms the individualty thats blooms inside of you.
America the greatest Where everyone is racing to the top But how unfair that some had a head start to the Race For example, Africans did not gain their freedom until 1865 (The Civil War)
look into my eyes  you will see blue  look into my heart 
Gun walks down my street
when we startedit was a messno structureuntruthfulnessit was bound to unravelhit the truth lighton some hurtful levelit was bound to fall apartfrom the lies the secrets
My eyes tell a much different story than my heart In fact, I was never really me from the start I'm not free to show people who I really am But when it comes to what they think about me I don't give a damn  
In my thoughts I slip away, as I jump off the dock of the bay! With the tide slowly rolling in, tasting salt water upon my skin! Swimming across the water so blue, my body changing into something new!
Sometimes I fall, I feel it's very often I imagine my failures will lead me to a coffin Remaining optimistic can be a challenge for some Especially without family, you see I have none
Two flightless birds huddle together in the distance  
You told me I reminded you of a flower.You called me beautiful,and told me I bring joy to others.However, you picked me apart,petal by petal,trying to ascertain whetherI love youor not.
He downs another beer, His twelfth one tonight. I watch him.
My future, oh how my choices and decisions affect thee!
A cold day But I have to get through it Can you imagin feeling what im feeling Do you know what i go through Even if you think you do , you dont For right now ill let you think you do
I look out the window to my right and see the sun rising. I look to my left and see the clouds reflecting red and pink light. I look in my rearview mirror at the stressful world I am leaving behind.
I don’t know who the true me is.
Monotony can kill the spirit, sap the soul. But I have something I hold to me, To tell the truth, it keeps me, mostly whole. These Dreams are the essence of life; a dream, a quest to fly...
headphones on,fingers on thekeyboard   electronicmusic in myhead
Is it all there?Some think there isSome think there isn'tTruth is, nobody knowsIt's so simpleBut so complexHe loves sports,She loves music,They love science,
The Beatles like 5 white Don Cheadles Like 5 War Machines ready to make me the happiest man in the world Movies Groovy Movies Boogie Nights, Rated R,  Don't watch it you still ride backseat in a car
Behind The Curtains  
To be able to go into multiple worlds To be able to travel in a matter of seconds To be able to be a demigod in a second To be able to be a witch in a minute   Reading elevates my day
The beginning of a semester is great It's filled with the wonders of new friendship And the oppurtunity to satiate All the numerous urges within me  to sit with my kickass roomie
What can I do but be happy?
I am here to tell you how it can be done. I was a woman who was unhappy with the size of her waist. I was ashamed.  Flabbergasted of how much time was wasted not caring.
Who I am to you? A woman. A woman who has fun. Who like to venture out and dance. A woman with motivation and focus. Someone who likes to run and lift. A fashionista.
Sometimes I sit alone, and say that I am content. Most people believe me and carry on their own. Others will sit down with me to say something, or nothing at all. Their presence actually makes me happier,
Because Phoenixes are overrated, and revenge causes you to become what you've once hated.
You have made a difference, taught a class, took a chance. You’ve made a difference, impacted a life, and made my inner-child smile. Taught a lesson, you have been such a blessing.
I choose to live my life for this very moment for this moment may not come tomorrow.
I am proud of myself. Can be honest? Looking through my past poems, my past words, my past thoughts, all I can think is how far I have come.
School is back in session, The free days are over, Yet still a constant rhythym pounds through me,
Without you who may I be? Without your melody and tone, Who will I call my own. I listen to you daily, I pray and hope I am your leading lady.   When the beat drop
         Melodies and long forgotten tunes
We all wear  the mask but how long can it last? How long will it be before someone finds me out? Will it be after I graduate from college? Will I be discovered after I have my first born child?
Today I'm feelin' good, I dare you to change that The sun greets me with a smile while birds sing at my window I'm grateful to be alive, I was blessed with another chance
An unreliable narrator She was always at a loss for words Expression never came easy, nor was Compassion, understanding, empathy Love Was not a word in her dictionary
Her cold hands that remain calm and limp, Her eyes robbed of their graceful, blinking light, The porcelain room standing dim, The dance of a line on the dark screen,
My grandma , mi abuela the only woman who loved me the one who hugged me when i cried   My grandma mi abuela she inspired me she opened my eyes  showed me the world
I knew a girl Weak, unhappy Angered at who she was Obsessed with who she was not I knew a girl Who had beautiful thighs But hated them for their size Then one day she put a weight in her hand
Freedom to feel, Freedom to know Freedom to speak, to live, to go, Wherever your free life takes you.   To Freedom we're born, cause others have died defending that Freedom, our nation, our pride,
Well, I sit in the front of every class And don’t think for one moment that I kiss the teacher’s ass The kids are so disrespectful I swear they never feel regretful They make me laugh though I can’t even lie
P E A C E It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise or hardwork, It means to be in the midst of those things and be calm in your heart. When you find peace you find your passion too,
I feel hated I see the faces Of the people who hate me The people with a darker complexion than me Asians, Mexicans, African Americans Not all but some The list goes on and on
Chorus:   I'm stressed out A lot of stuff on my mind, I don't know what to do I'm stressed out I just want to be alone, so I'm sitting in my room I'm stressed out
You kissed me that cold winter night. You promised me that you  Would be there forever But then there was that summer night When you decided that you were better off  With some other girl
Happiness is like a freshly  paved road, Absent from all corrode Each new addition already planned, Every turn colorful, nothing bland   Each new direction is made, Sure the consistency wont fade
Not many people enjoy my chocolate  shell They tear me apart until they reach my vanilla cream center   They drown me in a white liquid To subsidize my taste   Why am I not good enough
Tiny, as delicate but with the eyes to heal the soul.Lightly he steps, but stomp like he storms off in random distances.Full of fluff, mystery and deep unconditional love.
There is a beauty in everything There is a beauty in simplicity In the simplicity of a smile That shines as bright as the sun that warms every inch of my body In the simplicity of laughter
I wish I could open up and let someone love me.  I wish I didn't jump when people touch me. Maybe I should stop cutting and calling myself ugly. But it's not that easy when you have your own personal bully.
may not belong to a family now, 
 People will always  question and judge every choice you have ever made. Such as being in love with someone, when you just met them earlier that day. Or putting trust in someone who you know everyday lies to your face.
Bang Bang  Was what I heard every night, Police car sirens were my nighttime lullaby,
I will never be trusting, friendly, or loving. No matter what you say to me I know your lying.
Tori    Content, friendly, and dramatic    Lover of modeling, fine arts, and vacations    Who feels nervous for the future, wholesomeness with life, and comfort from my caring family
You had all of me Then you burn the sheets On the bed we slept And the bed I sleep burning our love You broke my heart Ripping the skies but thru those cloudy days and pain I saw light
Call me a beaner, Say I'm going to be nothing but a fucking cleaner. All they want is a stereotype to stick in a position, Where you have no ambition. They say to go back to the homeland, What land?
I must be a ghost. Oh, how they walk through me. It's like I'm invisible, And no one hears my screams. It's a lifetime story, But I hate those shows. There's things in the world,
I guess I was wrong about you, I'm sorry I wasted your time. Kill my hope, my heart, my dreams, my soul, and mind. It's time for you to destroy me, What's left of me anyways.
Child upon the horse Horse runs strong with a spirit He sees through the lies Spirit brings life to the girl
I want past pain's sky always taunting me, she teases me She told me I'd never get away The way I dread-locks pain inside me She shacked up with her man, Misery They play sad tunes on strings
  My shoes squeak, my hair rustles, and my eyes wander. But I am neither heard, felt, nor seen. Students with satisfied smiles and amused eyes scramble before me, hustling to their next class.
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
A mask for the task at hand to find success and to be the best to draw peace from a green light in uncertain darkness i have to put up a fight although i know not where i'll land
    You should have known better
I took the one less traveled by.
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
Traveling slowly through the thickness of Time As others gallop, trot, amble and stand still with it, Time pulls me back, embracing me in every dull, dank, drastic memory that is withheld,
Once there was a man who left and his little girl was sad she cut her wrists and bleed for him as she wished to call him, dad there was an incident that spurred the path the family was split
Ooh, Ooh, For you I had a change of heart, Don't know where to start, What I'm about to say may surprise you, But now I see it clear Life ain’t always fair, What can you do, When you don't wanna hurt him, Cuz you don't deserve him, And there's no
I miss the way life use to be,
Mama never told me not to give it away It was never expressed to me that your virginity was such a special thing I mean sure I saw on the tv screen about the birds and the bees
Run, Run, Faster, Faster, Even more faster, Into the wide open field, Towards the center, Feeling restless wild winds, The sight of living harmony, Attracts the other, For being one.
For the lost and the impure, Stray off to death, For the incapable is never capable, What is true, can it be destroyed? By the people, shattered by the bad. Suppose to be the leader,
For what I most want in this world, Is far away, To reach, I am uncertain, For its been bounded, Within the limits of myself, Extraordinary for I have become. .
The flow of time, Stand still, Listen to wait, The rhythm of soft strings, Moving along your fingers, Sit, wait for the sound, Sweeping the room.
The sound becomes small But is able to capture attention, Yet it is sweet, But is unable to show it, Becoming bold but isn't able to stop, Losing sleep, Yet still attracted, By such a small sound,
you used to run through my veins and fill them with love / I was so high that when I fell / I pulled the world down with me / I look for you in everyone but I havent found my fix / I realized that I do not run in
The swaying breeze, Of the soft air, Hair rustles through the wind, Skies filled with blue and white, Same streets, same lights, Nothings changed, But this is home.
I work, harder than most. I speak, with caution. I step, with great care But, it doesn't even matter. Her shadow is bigger than mine.
Maybe she liked the pain, Hell, maybe she loved the pain. Or maybe she just misses the pain. Because you see, it's a different kind of pain.
The chaos, the frustrations It all seeps from your pores like an infection How can something so positive become negative within an instant? You crush and demolish As though you are a dump truck
Everyone eventually leaves this tangible place called earth. No matter how one feels about themself, they will impact someone. How do you know if you've impacted a person?
She longs to be different, Because her greatest fear is that she could be her. Flesh and blood that created her and brought her to life is the same thing that has haunted her. How can one destroy such innocence?
A cave.  The dark, thick. The air, cold.  Truth enters and turns to lies. Lies enter and turn to truth.  The walls, rough. The ground, hard.    I sit. The fear, thick.
The dark road leads me to a town
Hello and goodbye the same each day waiting for something new something different a sign that life can get better   I'll smile at you  but inside I'm screaming I'm not fine
The essence of my being is slipping from my skin It’s vanishing into the cold refuge of darkness my tongue is etched with the teeth that hold it still what a poisonous addiction, your beauty envelops me
ten thousand bullets headed your way  what do you do? run and have hope you'll make it out alive? or just stand there and wait for the outcome?   the first couple of hits might hurt like hell 
I pictured my dream  A life-long craving to love But no one to love
We are only drops of water In the river that is life.   You are trapped by those around you And you try to turn and fight.   But the river pulls and pushes It bends you into shape.  
A while ago I was a young and naïve little girl That believed just about anything     In the past I was alive and free With no care in the world other than Trying to get mummy’s and daddy’s attention.
SilenceDisruptedThe lap of wavesThe cry of a gullPassing overAlien formsFormless featherless thingsNaught but ripples
A man walked into a room (yes, it starts like a bad joke) and showed me a thousand pictures.
Education is an opportunity to have. It provides us knowledge about world. In different shapes and sizes all of us are bound to become a somebody.
  "One through ten," "Bring a black pen," Class flirt and Class clown, Watch your step so you don't fall down, Morning bell and Friday night band, "Your turn to stand,"
I thought about you today Your loving embrace The way you smelled All of the fun we used to have                                             I thought about your smile;
We don't talk about how I cried myself to sleep for months We don't talk about how I didn't want to live any more We don't talk about how I couldn't have children  
You told me you were going to do something, but it wasn't done. You told me you were going to teach me how to speak anothe language, I wasn't taught.
Will this ever end, This endless repetition and wasting of time? Will we ever see life for the wholeness it was meant to be? Will we ever see the sun rise and smile more joyfully?
My dad said the only way I'll get into college is if I get scholarships There are no miracles , no wishes , or any fancy tricks You work hard for what you want And never give up or in So I thought I'd try for a poem
In this crumbling world we all become self absorbed taking money over love  gaining nothing but an overactive ego by pointing out others flaws theres nothing to stop this world from ending
They tell me that I need to search That all I have to do is look and I can find it. Easy for them to say. Yet here I am having a fit, Trying to find this little shit. 
One-thousand dollars towards a college education.
Life is a series of random events. Sometimes these events tilt in your favor,  While others unravel against you. It's never told who will get what, when, and why... That's is left for you to find out in due time.
My mind is curious yet all knowing, it jumps over obstacles like skyscrapers, falls but all ways lands on it's feet, puzzling but never out of place. Science alone cannot grasp the mind,
I'm sinking, sinking deeper into this hole. so dark, so lonely. I can feel it consuming me with sadness.
Gasping, I gasp for air while this feeling slowly suffocates me. longing for the day it will come to an end, anxiously waiting while in dispair.
When I look in the mirrors I see a girl so broken. Her eye's tell a different story from her smile. Her lips utter words that can't be heard... Behind closed doors as I look at the reflection staring back at me..
Thoughts squirm  They echoe and scream within my eardrums. Yet I am deserted  "Shout" they order  This is a duel I never  to win.  "You're just a kid!"
I’ll be there in the morning, I trust,
I see to many people think that a mental disease can be fixed easily or that it's a joke. Depression, axiety, eating disorders are something we cannot just walk away from.
You speak of pain  As if you know  How the sun feels When she is no longer  Needed.
Why? My life feels so unimportant Everytime, I look at scholarships, They ask me to write aout my accompishments I remember I haven't done anything Everytime,
When I was little I had a vision of life Drilled into my head by Disney and fairy tales
When I'm older, I'll finally learn To speak my mind but go unheard To be unique and then be shammed And come to terms its me to blame   When I'm older, I'll finally see
This sheltered kid doesn't know a lot of life's social basics, but as he grows through life, he learns that life gets its kicks out of the struggles we go through. In his youth his parents danced a strange dance of love,
Numbers, no im not talking about math or accounting or statistics im talking about life. By the time I was a born my life was run by numbers; when I eat, when I nap.  
Life, right? Everyone always says to embrace it, to live it and to love it, that we will never be as young as we are in this moment, to live with no regrets, that life is so precious.
you were nothing more than lust
They are the people, they are the crew, They are the ones who might scare you, They don't play no same games, That's why no one knows their names,
I sing and feed my soul.  I dance and sing at my pleasure, Turning and observing the stars in the sky. Counting more than my seventeen years, deep wonder fills my eyes.
Her heads down in the hallway, she doesnt wanna be there, covers her scars with her sleeves, and her face with her hair; And when she gets home, theyre always so hard to please, she hides in her room,
When I Look at You by Savanna Morgan When I look at you I see a blind, incoherent fool Because aren't we all Do we not build up our own houses, then  due to no foundation we fall.
As i walk down this long hall way
her beautiful eyes can make you forget your troubles
The last rays of Day slowly vanish As I lay on the dirt
Hold me close, my love. Dry my tears with your fingertips as they trail down my cheeks. Kiss me with your soft and gentle lips, as the warmth of sunset carreses our faces.
  Window to the Past    Split, Splat, Pitter, Pat Behind the window, I see the rain, I am distant, I feel no pain. Its better this way, I’m made of stone
Ears react wide at the sound of this word from a White face, We condemn it and protest, yet we claim this within our race. We lay the tomes that tell stories of fights for our progress,
My life has been filled with the hushed sound of the ocean
Maybe I messed up a long time ago Maybe I shouldn't have just went with the flowBecause when I did, I still held on to pain.No matter how hard I try to ignore it, it kept coming like rain.
I sit in the rain because when it rains you can't see the tears streaming from my eyes down my face you can't even see the sadness in my eyes and all t
I still dont understand why exactly you did it. I still hear something different from both of you each time. I still want to pretend that none of this happened. I still want to pretend like none of it was real.
She knows where they are hidden But, says "You got to be kidden!" The color of red Comes pouring out as she is laying in bed. She gets relieve from the pain But, tends to go insane.
Tick, tock. 1:23 pm on the clock. She's 3.98 150.5 5'8''
The qiuet place around me Is peaceful to think I conentrate too hard Too easy to blink   How many times Can I fully give in To the thought of letting go There's nothing to bend  
                                                                                                                                                                The Extreme!  
Someday we shall meet and everything will fall in place, without the any notice and your arrival and be unexpected, when I have fallen you will be there to help me back up,
My emotions have change for the ever more its become so much more. The obstacles i face that is in my way, seems not to be a problem, oh how my life has change, with you right next to me,
I wake up in the morning and dread the day aheadI shower and get dressed but I dont want to be out of bed
We’ve been
What is in a smile?  Love Freedom Happienss  Insparation  Relaxation Releace Hope
What ticks me off are many things I would say But why show others the anger I have anyways? I could go off on everyone for the most littlest things But I choose not to, for my reputation reins.
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
In this world many things could change, many women and children are living in dismay. Let love win and make a change, show these beautiful people a better display.  
Mirroring an image society has given, To be our own individual, Don't listen to what others say. Yet we criticize others,
It is my ambition to go to work as a computer engineer, marrying the software with hardware. I have been interested in it since I first learned how to build my own computer. I want to help design the technology we all use on a day to day basis.
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
I wanna be famous
If I could simply pick up my city.
Holding a camera, I gaze into the lense What I see is a life where I create sense For myself and others by showing them what words Cannot express. To change the views of audiences and reveal the raw
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
When I dream these days, I want my eyes to be wide open, I don’t want to sleep through it. It might sound crazy but I want to see everything, good, bad and indifferent. When I dream, I dream big
Movies a portal to another world, a pretty picture to make you laugh or cry   Film buttery popcorn in hand pillows and blankets wrapped like a burrito,
We slice our  lives down to 500 words, --Words which can't begin to describe us, Hoping for acceptance to write more words, --Words which will never be fully appreciated.   We freely offer our 500 words,
I stare out the window, watching the rain It rolls down the window like the tears on my face. This pain, this fear, I’ve been trying for years To make it go away, to make it disappear.
The creature made only of bones and a thin layer of skin, should be sitting in a throne.  Yet it has not been brought to attention that while you live a life of luxury, for every wish and want you receive,
What's wrong with the radio? It's playing lies. Everything is, "Sex and money!" Where is the truth?   Why can't it feature better bands, like Story of the Year?
   I have dreams, A nd they all start with "me", The kind of dreams that are bright and colorful and b
It’s been a long time coming, women and civil rights, but yet we still segregate and hate. “Be different” they say, “be yourself”, but it’s illegal to do so. To love who I want and live happily ever after, forbid.
Excerpt from his life, he would never want to recollect.
Dotting across page to Page, 
Aging Lively, Scary Strangers, Family, Power Education and wealth survive Future
You Only Write Once, so you better write right.  Write your thoughts, right your thoughts.  Write your purpose, make your purpose right.  Graduate school deadlines are around the corner, just to the right. 
Death is such a tragedyto see a dying manlying right in front of youunconscious---- not breathingis tragicPast on at fifty-twoHis soul livesfloating up and away towards the dark winter skies
By law Its not ok to discriminate to people based on race. By religion Its not ok to be mean to someone based on looks or wealth. By society Its not ok to be mean to someone based on beliefs.
I am from beautiful Hawai’i nei, A place that keeps people here to stay. From beautiful beaches to multi-races; A land I was born in with features of my descendant’s faces. Raised on Hawaiian food,
beautifully mysterious,she hides away in the depths of nothingafraid to take a chance on the dawnnight- her best friendthe only thing she can count onsoon, it too will be gone  
Living life is more than it seems learning and contemplating on all your dreams take it slow day by day  live life the lavish way good here bad there positive vibes negative tides
I wonder does it help do the scars make me braver does the pain makes me stronger my emotions make me better when I take it out on my skin, is it going to make me prettier scissors, knife, or a blade
My abilities are beyond thought, Take me and you’ll see. If you attempt me, You will never escape free. Only try me one time and I’ll think about letting you go. But try me twice
Rushing through my spine Spreading throughout my mindChills that left me coldFreezing every time
An average dream usually only lasts a few seconds; sleeping that is. Dreaming while awake never leaves you, until it’s fulfilled Everybody has a dream. Everybody has a goal. Everybody has an opportunity.
Lately, I've been stressed, About all these scholarships, I pray that I'll win.
You smell like the dusty ring of light wreathing the moon on warm nights, and I forget about the yellow smell of my Grandmother’s coffin. And I forget that people hide rotting lies under their gums
My mom asked me how you are. She didn’t look up from the stiff sound of her sponge bleaching the trashcan she was bent over in the kitchen. Strands of hair the same shade as mine
Bad Practice  
Free Free country, they say. But really? To conform To think the same To act the same Based on a "correct system"... But really? Where's the freedom To be an individual?
You only live once. What a statement. And its true. You only have one chance to do the things that you want to do. Although that phrase is overused and a thing that preteens say.
I was always told to dress the part so I put on my costume. A white collared shirt,  A skirt to my knees  And a mask of a forced smile Along with a face covered in pounds of makeup,
Filling out scholarships, again and again, only making my head flip, wishing for some hope. Instead of feeling like a dope. College is the dream, trying to figure a scheme, college only makes me beam.
To Whom It May Concern,  Why do you teach if you cannot learn?  Why is it that you know all and think students know nothing at all? You'd be surprised what you will find
How I wish to slam my head, Against the mahogany of my desk, Due to studying the montonous dead, Which should be laid to rest. I have a most specific desire, One to yell and scream--
Now just because I say sh*t, don't think of me as rude. I just got to get it off my chest, some of the sh*t you do I think is crude. Like the way you look at me, as if I don't have the right kind of apptitude
Need to have for college, easy way to pay,  so many words,  too many essays.   Everyone writing, scripting, making A handfull win, a whole lot lose Website desinged to help search,
University of Arkansas just awaits Stressful scholarship applications are everywhere in sight A destination that is desired  
I made it  I was that statistic  you doubted the kid who never felt your praise when you showered it i know i wasnt a star student but i was smart you just never gave me the chance
He told her to shut it She threatened to call home. He told her what she can do with the phone She got him suspended.   In that time he argued with her His classmates shook their heads
Banks - they think they own everything. Banks - they think they can take everything. Banks - they have everything with just a swipe.  Banks - they tear apart families.
Here lies my math book Never will I take a second look College bound with dreams in mind Meanwhile Math is no where to be found Use it or lose it they all say Maybe I'll need it for taxes one day
It's a dark corner subdued in my head Alwasy telling me to put myself to bed It's like a sky with many black holes Endlessly counting the many souls they stole A sense of direction lost within time
I am the hunter, she is the bird. I reach and reach but cannot hold. Opporunity is her name. She flaps her wings and flies away. I hit my head, again and again. On the cold hard ground in pure frustration.
            Why am I Here? The answer is not clear. He has no lesson plan or teaching material. He has never prepared notes or even a PowerPoint, so I ask, “Is this for real?”
Love is confusing. Love is amazing. Love is regenerizing and quite reassuring. But without love, what do you do? Without love, you become who you thought you'd never be.
I consider myself a poem thief. Not in the sense that I take credit for the words that I copy down, but because of the fact that I hide them, bury them in the spines of my notebook
Yeah, here's my life. I welcome you to it.  Welcome to huge secrets pouring out my mouth because              of two thick, pale fingers.  Welcome to black blood drippin impurities all over my mother's untouched rugs.
Tell me. Is there a miracle cure for "this?" Because I'm not immune to the sleepless nights-- applying for college Because I'm not immune to the aching fingers of my hands-- typing in essays for scholarships
I spend much of my time alone Stopped writing as much And why? Well I don't really know But the familiar feeling Ink stains on my fingertips Silence breaking through my room
Change is what drives this world. Nothing stays a constant speed. Every heart beats differently. Minds rearrange themselves. People speak obscure words. Friends say "I'll have you're back, No matter what I've got you." I say "Let's be real here,  
I'm faced with a list Every two weeks. No GPA required, no essay requried, some essay required, age limits. Money is both free and difficult to get. College is too expensive for any one person 
Paying for college. It's almost impossible. Scholarships can help.
Poetic justice which Whispers in my thoughts Soft influence Leads me to my own conclusions No wrong answers Indiscernible meanings Inspirations- Lead me to always have Aspirations-
I wrote my first poem when I was young. It was almost spirtual as if it fell off my tongue. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. I was so thrilled that I could almost melt.
Can you get into my head? Can you make me one of YOU? Who...walks past fast, with Ray Bans? Should you change my mind when I turn on the TV?... You are wired, ready to deliver the BAD news.
I got inspired by this group you see, three ordinary college kids never guess who they could be, just kickin it on an ordinary day, but telling an extraordinary story with the words that they say.
From the way my hands shake in your presence The butterflies in my stomach go chaotic The spell you put on me is pure magic I can't believe this is happening this very moment With the river living
The lie they told spread like wildfire, burning precious truth in its flames. All too soon it found its spot upon my doorstep. Careless control, I saw its destruction:
Give me your hand as we walk through the sand… let me speak to you to help you understand the pen is my life and the paper its wife. They go together like a hand and a glove; they create words that inspire.
Writing is a passion Real truth in time I write with compassion To seek what is mine Everyone will see the overwhelming passion that flows through my veins
“Your parents make too much money”, the government states and that’s the first thing wrong with financial aid My parents make enough money to survive and pay bills but I’m not a rich kid who can pay so let’s be real
I don't understand why I wasn't good enough. I don't understand why I was so devastated. I don't understand why they knew I deserved it, but wasn't received to me.
What is forever? Is it something I can touch? Is it something I see? Is it something that can ever truly really be?
She moves like a butterfly bounding from flower to flower. Her features are fine-tuned like the keys on a piano. When the sun shines down on her head it reveals a golden halo of hair. Flowers blossom in her presence.
She looks calm and collected on the surface, Under her tough shell she is screaming. Inspiration for life and future are no where, Can anyone ever love a mistake like her? In her mind she will never be good enough.
Scholarships Caught in a storm of disappointment and desperation How do I apply? One million out there can't one just be for me Loving people want to help only certain types of people
I would like to give you my whole heart, but I can't. He has some of it, you see. He cut off a sliver with a paring knife Oh so long ago. He doesn't even know it's there,
This is for you. You know who you are. The nerdy kids. The smart kids. The, “she’s just so bright for her age” daughters and the “he’s always excelled at everything he’s done” sons
Those little children! They hold it well, but they haven't gone nearly as far as we. They don't depend  on this stuff, this bliss quite as fully as me.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are they that flaunt these halls? Hypnotizing eyes, and power hungry souls… …no one knows the pain and loneliness their hearts never told.
On a small sunshine covered leaf A little white egg rests, Listening to the words of the wind And waiting to begin earth’s tests.
I walk by myself, alone. Nobody seems to notice or care. Emotionally I seem to have not grown. I have thoughts I cannot share.
So much to pay for with so little money My parents think its really funny Everyone dreads paying for college But we all have to go to fill our heads with knowledge I empty my wallet, savings, and my bank account
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