Because Phoenixes are overrated, and revenge causes you to become what you've once hated.
Because inspiration comes from within.
That's why we call it inspiration not rage's infestation.
You have to inspire yourself to keep pushing because depending on others is an unstable cushion. It may be filled with pins and needles in the blink of an eye because everyone wants to see you fly. But no, never higher than they are, because your dreams may catapult you too far and you'll become independent and no one wants to see you doing better than them.
So rise from the flames because you can.
Rise for you.
Choose your destiny and ensure that you strive to fulfit it relentlesly.
Brush off every obsticle enerything that impedes you.
Cruise through the flames because your future is the sweetest reward you'll ever recieve. There's far too much to achieve. You've got to believe. Forget about pathetic sob stories, the past and its history.

Inspire yourself, dream, believe! You will reach your dreams indeed!



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