All I Need & More

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:13 -- DABrown

Our relationship should be strong

And above all we'll communicate and get along

You'll be my best friend and that'll never change

We'll go on dates and do those weird couple things

You know the ones that are cute and fun

And we won't want to stop once we've begun

Let's be healthy together in our relationship

It'll be a crazy ride but the best part’s the trip

We'll watch football on Sundays and cookout

We'll know exactly what's wrong with each other cause we'll both spit it out

And above all I'll tell you I love you everyday

And in my heart you'll always stay


We won't let our friends tell us what to do

And we'll work out all the hard patches we'll go through

I won't slam the door when you try to open up

And I won't even have to ask how I could make it up to

You, will be the first thing on my mind and I'll be yours

You'll never have to worry about running around a million stores

Because our love is all I need and more

We won't try to be like those celebrity stars

The one with the big houses and fancy cars

You could drive a pick up and live in a One bedroom

And we'll still have a love that could consume

Even the most handsome man wouldn't turn my eye

Because the simple thought of you leaving would make me cry

And no matter the time of day I'll pick up your call

Because even if it  was off a cliff I know you wouldn't let me fall

I could go on and on and you could do the same

And we could stay home instead of party and I wouldn't care who'd call us lame

Because I love you and yes just you

And I can't wait to hold your hand and say I do

And I appreciate it was my mind first you chose to explore

Because our love was all you needed and more


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