Flying Dandelion

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 18:24 -- breab13


When I was born I became rooted,

To be protected from the harm.

I grew a little taller,

I matured as my hairs grew.

I always stare at the blue ceiling,

With white puffs, I see who were just like me.

They fly with shorter stems, and longer leaves,

Free to roam whenever and where.

Every day I wish I could get close to the yellow light,

Then I can see my shadow casting down on my home

Where I once was rooted.

Now, my time flies past me,

But I’m just waiting on the right blow.

Then I’ll make my wish

And fly piece by piece.

My new home I find on my own,

But never alone because

I’m free to go and return.


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