Time to come to grips and get those Scholarships

What’s it to you friend

If I had known you when

we made some mistakes time and time again

So let me tell you what; let me implore you the lesson

of a time full of sorrow, stress and depression


In this cycle I’d encompass

procrastinating again

waiting for it to pass again

until the new day rises

Always lingering

never listening

Holding me by my throat as I'm suffering

But I'll sit here and choke

let it build until I am woke

to a day when there is no hope

When I'm down and out, when I cannot revoke

the mistakes I've made and the time of paid


Wake to a day when I'm gone

too far to belong

because those days I let slip

the voices I ignored

they've gone quiet now, total silence now

cept' for that lingering woe as my own two feet

pace solemnly as I pan handle on the street


To this day I’d be confined, no choice to rewind

The things I avoided, what could have been mine

is now gone from me, never to aid in my fines


Mom and dad are gone now, they gave it their all,

they tried to pull me back as I began to fall

But I went and done it, nothing, and now look at me

broke, busted and blue

Forever a joke, a mistake, an ingrate


But what if I had listened to that voice long ago

that pried my mind when I ignored it so

To get up, get going, and put on a show

To make your parents proud is that with what you owe

To make an effort and not let your dreams go

To have stood tall and not let the world pass me by

To have soared to new heights and touched the sky


What is the now will soon be my future

Having learned what I know I’ll be my own seiture

to these follies of mine, I’ll fix my past

as to earn a living and make it last


So I say to you

please, don't turn out like this

What could be

Don't wait out your life

for a man who does nothing gets burdened with strife


Make a difference, give a try

do it for them, do it for I

Because when the time comes nearing it will be up to you

start your future off right, because I know you can, and you know it too.


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