In Love

Hold me close, my love.

Dry my tears with your fingertips as they trail down my cheeks.

Kiss me with your soft and gentle lips, as the warmth of sunset carreses our faces.

The sun's rays dancing gingerly on our skin, our eyes never needing words to speak

.Our smiles never needing to move to form words.

I love you, that's all you need to know.

It is here, within my core, my soul.

As we lay below the shadowing tree, the leaves rustling in the wind.

Let me think of how wonderful you've made my life become.

How I can't seem to let go of this song.

Never been so happy before in my life.

Never needed someone as much as you, tonight.

Kiss me, hold me, love me till death do us part.

Never let go of me, comfort me.How familiar, the rhythm of your heart.

The only times I truly am happy, is when you hold me.

Other times I miss you, terribly.

I've said the words, the three magical words.

Yet, it still doesn't seem to satisfy what I feel for you.

In love with winter for so long, I never realized how wonderful it was, the warmth.

Radiating through my veins when thoughts of you occur.

The ice in them melt.

Sorrow now seems absurd.

Now, as we sit below the tree,

My head layed upon your chest.

I listen to the rustling of the tree's leaves, and the beating of your heart.

The sunset casts steady colors of purple and blue.

I know I'm in love with you.


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