I Am Me


I'm a laugher
I'm a comedian
I'm a jokester


I'm a lover
I'm compassionate
I'm a hugger


I'm a realist
I'm a black woman
I'm a journalist


I'm an optimist
I'm human
I'm a pessimist


I'm an inrovert
I'm a hermit
I'm popular


I'm a spitfire
I'm a bitch
I'm a fighter


I'm obese
I'm a cryer
I am indeed


I'm discrete 
I'm private
I keep to me


I'm obsessive
I have issues
I'm compulsive


I'm apprehensive 
I'm insesure
I'm attractive


I'm smart
I'm creative
I am art


I'm sharp
I'm passionate
I have heart


I'm a tigress 
I'm a God
I am fearless


I'm Terrah
Rather than flawless
I'm a work in progress


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