Window To The Past


Window to the Past   

Split, Splat, Pitter, Pat

Behind the window, I see the rain,

I am distant, I feel no pain.

Its better this way, I’m made of stone

But then there’s a spark, I smell his cologne.


The memories come flashing back, there’s fire.

Then I remember, he was a cheater, a liar.

The stormy grey clouds reflect my mood,

In my mind, his face is always tattooed.


Sitting in the warm car holds no consolation,

My breath comes out in vapor, my hands start a vibration.

The drops of water slide down the glass,

Then, it’s time to let those memories pass.


I dry my tears and put a smile on my face,

Remembering the past is just a wild goose chase.

Gone is the sorrow, gone are the lies,

Gone are the stormy grey skies.


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