The Concept of Forever

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 12:01 -- kavery


United States
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What is forever?
Is it something I can touch?
Is it something I see?
Is it something that can ever truly really be?

Is it next to me?
Is it with myself and my friends?
Is it something that never really finds its ends?

Is it like love?
Is it something thats true?
Is "forever" a promise?
Is it something I can really do?

Is forever a saying,
something written but un-sent?
Is it said,
but never truly meant?

If I hold 'forever' close,
will it ever escape?
Will it stay near me,
if that is my fate?

Does forever have a means for an end?
Does it have the capabilities,
of fixing a heart it needs to mend?

Is forever something I'll ever really have?
Is forever as sure as a promise-made deal?

Forever is everything.
Its what I think and I feel.


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