Because I Love You...


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Because I Love You, but not really,

I will slip my hands into your mind,

Your Heart,

Your Soul,

Your Body,

And I will slowly destroy everything that makes you,



Because I Love You, well I think I do,

I will take you under my wing,

Like a bird takes its’ hatchlings,

And I will teach you all my ways,

Good and bad,

I will feed you lies that you cry so desperately for,

But devour so hungrily.

“I love you”,

“I want you”,

“We are forever”,

Until that moment when I have no need for you,

I will cast you from the nest,

The place you called home,

The place you felt safe,

The time where I fed you the lies,

That I loved you, well I thought I did.


Because I Love You, but not all of you,

I will manipulate your beliefs,

Turn my truths to your truths,

I will drain every ounce of value you give yourself,

Until I’ve softened your confidence to clay,

But don’t cry love,


When I am done with you,

You will think and act exactly like I want you to.

You will please Me,

Obey Me,

Succumb to ONLY Me,

Because that is all the extent of your worth,

Because I love you, but not all of you.


Because I Love You, all of you belongs to me,

Every inch of ivory skin,

Every pulse of your heart,

Hell, you could even say your life is mine.

Please don’t be afraid love,

Be grateful my watchful eyes will never wander from you,

Thank me for all the lovely bruised marks you hide on your skin,

They are all signs of my love,

My Possession.

Are they tears of pain?

I’m so sorry love,

I promise it won’t happen again.

But it will.

I won’t ever change.

Other eyes watch you too,

Eyes that I don’t want there,

So I will mark you with my love,

My Possession,

Because I Love You, all of you belongs to me.


Because I Love You, and she’s just a friend,

Just a friend I bang when I can’t get enough out of you.

But I’m ANGRY,

Your suspicion,

Your mistrust,

Why all the questions love, why all the interrogations?

You don’t need to see my phone,

If you really loved me you’d trust me…

There, that’s better,

Oh and before I forget love,

I’m going to be a little from work tonight,

Because I Love You, and she’s just a friend.


Because I Love You, I Love You,

It’s a phrase all women chase,

It’s a stupid idea implanted by all the stupid princess movies,

The happiness,

The loyalty,

The unity,

The Love.

That stupid ass idea that we all chase so desperately,

We ignore those odd late texts on his phone,

We believe he won’t raise his hand at us again,

We think he really cares when his only focus is a destination is really a few feet south from our heads,

And no honey I don’t mean your heart.

We let our self-love and respect diminish to dust,

We pretend that hollow feeling is from the lack of his presence,

When it’s the lack of what he took.

Your identity love, where is it?

Your trust love, where is it?

The ring love, where is it?

Your virginity love, did he take it?

Because I Love You, did he mean it?


STILL women,

We chase on,

And even if we have moved on from That Man,

We’ve still latched on to the next insensitive, selfish, immature boy/girl our heart ever so faintly throbs for,

Because I Love You, I Love You,

Is still the simplest thing we can ever yearn for.



One day He/She will arrive.


Because I Love You, and it is real,

I will uphold my vows,

Long before we stand at the altar together.

I will endure your pains with you,

I will help you recreate whatever parts of yourself were taken before you met me,

I will be the strength you need when you are weary,

I will hold you close when you thrash and scream in pain from all your scars,

All your imperfectly beautiful scars,

Because I Love You, and it is real.


Because I Love You, and I will never go,

I will be a person of my word,

I will be understanding of your mistrust,

I will except your past,

I will respect everything about you from your brilliant mind,

To your uniquely created soul,

And I will move at any pace you need,

Because I Love You, and I will never go.


Because I Love You, just because,

I crave your smile,

Your warmth,

All of your ways good and bad because they are you.

I will surprise you,

Whether it be with gifts or hugs,

Or with open lectures about all your wonderful qualities,

I will pursue things just for your happiness,

I will become selfless,

Because I Love You, just because.


Because I love You, but I love myself,

I will never raise my hand at you in anger,

And if I raise my voice, I will admit my wrongs,

And beg for forgiveness.

I will sacrifice for you time and time again,

But I will not let myself be taken advantage of in any way.

I will care for myself independently, but then for you as well,

Because in my eyes we are one,

Because I love you, but I love myself. 

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This poem is so beautiful. I mean, really, in every way. The transitions, the repititions, the emotions, the stories being told, the everything. I can hear this poem people told, a heartbreak, a change, a self discovery of loving and loving one's self. Incredible work, honestly. I am amazed.


“Because I Love You”

The phrase becomes an utterance of sorts

A phrase when heard leaves remorse

In my ears

It becomes harder for me to hear

And believe

When your father yells and then tells you

That it is Because He Loves You

You’ll realize that isnt true

The first time your lover screams in your face

And hits you

And the bruises make you feel like a disgrace

But how were you to know?


All your life youve been told that people are violent

Because they Love You.


Suddenly those words become an excuse

“Because I Love You” is the reason he will use

When he wants sex over substance

Communication under abusive consumption

“I Love You So Much I Can’t Wait”

You’ll realize that isn’t true

The first time he makes your body feel like an object

You feel you can’t object

How could you you reject?


All this time you’ve been told by him that people want to have sex

Because they Love You.


Suddenly love is part of the debates

And when you fight the only argument he can make

When he lies

Is that he couldn’t stand the thought of

The Truth

Hurting you

“ I didn’t tell you…”,

He whispers with lips thin as daggers

His hands reach out to touch you

And cut you with surgical scissor blades

“Because I Love You”

And you realize it isn’t true

When you feel fear when you ask for the truth

And he brings china doll tears to his eyes,

Like clockwork they fall and soak into your hair

And the words roll off his lips like thick poison

“Why don’t you trust me?”


Manipulation feels like an open wound,


And he drains you


And drains you


And drains you


To fill up his empty veins

And empty you  of everything

But that is not




I speak from experience


If he cries when you tell him no,

If he uses tears to take off your clothes

If he sighs when you ask for the truth

If he lies about where he was last night

If he raises his fist in a threat to hit you

If he shouts and screams to drown out your voice


The first time he breaks the promise I won’t do that again

The first time he makes sex feel like sin

Or bruises the tabernacle your soul resides in

The first time he throws a pan across the room

And makes you sweep up his mental mess with your heart like it is a broom





He doesnt love you


A real man tells you he loves you

Wiith more than just three words.

He does not use them as an excuse

He does not use them to justify abuse

Or cover the trail of lies he leaves

Other phrases are in his passionate lexicon

To him you are a goddess of which he is not worthy

He tells you he loves you and it reads like a story

When he speaks to you the words are implie

And you realize


It is in his eyes

And his voice

He respects every choice

He never raises his voice

He asks to kiss you even after the millionth kiss

Because your body is yours and not his.


Love isn’t a drug it’s a choice

Its a quiet voice


“Are you Okay?”

“How was your Day?”

Lips that taste like liquor lie

But love tastes like freedom

And it doesn’t die

Love is calling someone exquisite

Before you call them beautiful

Love isn’t a feeling it is a choice

Now you know…

A healthy relationship isn’t measured by the amount of sex,

The number of kisses,

The amount of breathes you take

Or the amount of mistakes you forgave,

A healthy relationship isn’t measureable


It overflows

It grows

It encourage

And that shows

Because fifty years from now when your hair is gray

You’ll look into your lovers eyes and say,


“I never once questioned your eyes

You Never Lied,

you never pried

You always wiped away my tears when I cried

You pushed me to be the fullest I could Be

You never wanted me to change, You wanted me for me

You never raised a voice or a hand,

And that may be hard for you to understand,

But when you’ve lived your whole life being told the wrong version of love

And you finally realize,


People accept you for who you are

Every flaw, Every mark,

and make the choice everyday

To stay…..”


“Because They Love You”


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