Dancing with the Devil

Women are strong

Women are fierce

Yet in today's society 

Women are whores

When men are considered to be kings

This is the madness that needs to be seen

People are people and every one sins

We all deserve kindness 

Not bitterness

Love is not to be taken for granted

And being manipulated is now a force of habit

Many people put on masks

To hide the monster that lies underneath

That is the tale of you and I

A pretty little maiden skipping outside

Which gave you the opportunity to rob

To rob me of my heart I was willing to give you

You bruised me up and I left your tower

All black and blue

Unable to process the events that just happened

Debating to block all the sadness

The next night you called in tears

And all I wanted to do was run

Run into your arms as your mask went back up

Covering those fears I had of you

Hoping that something beautiful would be made a new

Praying for guidance on you and I

Refusing to believe it was all a lie

Knowing you wouldn't love me

Did not stop this heart from crawling

Consistently crawling to you every time

Every time we fought I'd just come back

Many people you told I was crazy

How very Hitler of you

To try to ruin my very existence

Just like the Jews I was the one who was innocent

When it was your evil creating the ruckus 

Deep down I knew I had to get away

Yet it was the length of the chain that told me to stay

Eventually the world flipped

When it was time for you to leave

Leave my life and heart

The love I had got ripped apart

It was for the best for me to heal

But not all love is real

You taught me many lessons this year

But not on how to move on 

Move on from an abuser

A liar

You shattered me in more ways than one

Yet you will never be the one to blame

Deep down I still want love

But at least it is no longer yours I desire

Being beautiful

Doesn't always mean you will find your prince

Sometimes you need to dance with the Devil

Before God can send you his Angels






















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