Love the least of these.


United States

In this world many things could change,

many women and children are living in dismay.

Let love win and make a change,

show these beautiful people a better display.


Loving the least of these is what we are called for,

show these people something that is right to fall for.

The world we live in is rough like an ocean,

many a rouge wave causing a catastrophic commotion.


In the third-world countries what more do they know,

but to put on a smile and don't let their weakness show.

They have a strength in love,heart, family and care,

but will they ever have a chance to find a greater thing to share?


More likely than not they have no way to change their world,

unless someone like you comes in and shows them a greater power.

They need your love to pull in the strength to face the cold world,

so give them the affection the wish for in plentiful showers.



This poem is dedicated to loving Haiti, China, Africa, and Peru from Raggamuffin, IU foundation and I.


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