A Dream



It all started with a ball and a dream,

One kick and run down the field and I wanted to be part of the team.

Sweat dripping and breath becoming faster,

I knew that one day this was the sport I would master.

People put me down and laughed at what I thought I could be,

But I held my head high and kept being me.

Effort poured,

goals scored

And next thing you know I was already promoted captain of the team,

One step closer to my dream.

Every practice and game played with my teammates

Made me realize this wasn't just a game but fate.

After eight years of believing in something I knew would one day be real,

College soccer was achieved and only I knew of why it was such a big deal.

No one believed I could achieve something so big but it only made me beam

Because I had proved everyone wrong with something that just started out as a dream.


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