The Way Things Are Now


I wake up in the morning and dread the day ahead
I shower and get dressed but I dont want to be out of bed
I ride to school and watch
As the world around me runs
I notice all the bad things
 And how many things hide the sun

We ride around in cars
Some are nice and shiny
Others are old and rusted
Some people dont even have one or they're kinda tiny

We sit around with electronic tasks
And never realize it's an addictive mask
To not have to stay in the world around
That is saddening and maddening and crude
We even try to block out all sound


We walk around with freedom
Some abuse it and demand more
Others dont care and stay "comfortable"

We're told to work hard in school
Every bad grade is a stain on our future lives
Some of us care and at night we even cry
Others care less and will lead a hard life
But so could a hardworking student like I

I study and I worry about the impact of my efforts
I hope and pray I'll make it in this dreary world
I want the best future I can possibly have
I dont want to be like my parents with a life thats worst than death

I want to make a difference and be a shining star
They say hard work brings you closer to your own American dream
But still I feel so far

College is a necessity to a life with a bit of ease
Though getting there is difficult 
We need for money we will never see

Families can't feed eachother 
And houses go with out light
Money is always deamded 
I can't help but feel this isn't right

I do what I can to better my chances
And I dont think very many people see
While life in america entails freedom...
It's anything but free.


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