Highlights Beyond the Trees




People highlight the year they turn twenty-five

Rightly so, I have never felt more at home in my skin.

Where do I even begin to reflect?

When I feel it’s beyond my intellect,

To dissect to you,                

To delineate a description of people I love.      


How they keep me sane,

Mentally stimulating my brain.

Because my emotions tend to run high,                        

When I look to the sky I think about why,           

In my life, I’m serendipitous.   


How can you place more on a title for a girl I adore?

I call her my best friend but she’s forever.                     

The insecurities I’ve suffered,

The mental breakdowns I’ve endured,

She hasn’t judged me at my lowest.

For her, my loyalty is secured!                             


The one person who knows what buttons to push,

She knows just what to say,

She knows how to make my worry dissipate.     

Reason and conscience she’s been casted to play,

The angel sitting on my left shoulder,

Yes, I’ve gotten older and wiser all because…              

In my life, she is my sanity.


He was my savior.

He was my sin.

Two years my junior stirring my passion from within;

“This time was different” is what most people say,

But would they pursue if they only knew—that there would be an expiration day?

This time was different.                                                     


His craft was guitar.                                                                         

The strumming, the humming, it healed all my scars.

His focus was literature, a romantic at heart.

He challenged my mind and made me believe,

That I had more talent than I had conceived.    

He was a melody that was foreign to me,

But the warmth of his touch was simply not enough.

So I stand here revealing,

My thoughts, I’m not screening.

Begging to face my room for growth.

This voice in the raw;

Do you see in me, what I think he saw?              

In my life, he sparked my drive. 


Happy ever after might not exist,

But I can’t deny my happiness,                            

For everything on my list,

I’m thankful to have learned from all this,

Because today I’m invested,

My fingers play chords—

A Minor


Middle C                               

Leo Tolstoy consumes as I read beyond me,

In hopes to expand my capacity for vocabulary.

And to feel the embrace and support from around

Even in the darkest days…                                    

Life seems more profound.                                              


Life is not perfect but friends make it worth it,

And being blessed is an understatement!

The fruits of my labor although slightly favored,

Give fuel to my fire and expand my desires to urge you to see,

That you can be free if you trust in the timing,                         

When you find the silver lining,                                                               

Rising in the dawn beyond the trees.

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