Sometimes I Fall

Sometimes I fall, I feel it's very often

I imagine my failures will lead me to a coffin

Remaining optimistic can be a challenge for some

Especially without family, you see I have none

No one to support me, no shoulders to cry on

No one to tell me I'm beautiful, or when I am wrong

My biggest fear was being alone

Just the past year I had no where to call home

When the friends I thought I had were consumed by drugs

When I see families and couples giving each other hugs

Sometimes I fall and I feel all alone

But then I realize I now have a home

I can think for myself and pay my own bills

No sleeping outside or 3 a.m. chills

No more being taken advantage of because I am kind

You see I've found my voice and I have my own mind

My mother once told me I'd never amount to anything

But alcohol consumed her so she's the one suffering

They say misery needs company, I believe that's true

However I'm not miserable, I've got better things to do

So I stare into my mirror everyday

Just to tell myself I'm beautiful and everything's OK

Whenever I feel alone and I feel I might fall

I remind myself I am strong and I stand up tall.


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