What is the definition of NEGRO ? Is it something pleasant to white America ? white people said heck no  blacks work to hard . What is this white america ? In africa we created science math writing and alphabet. Everything America uses daily,But when they look at us, all they see is slavery violence evil and hate  they see  don’t see the good just the bad. Black history made white history black America made white America .so why they hating on me I worked to hard to get where I’m at . All I know is Negro is in the black life I say  N.E.G.R.O new efforts grow really old. But my negro efforts will always stay fresh. If you say i’ma punk and I turn up my music so I won’t listen . Well I will start a petition .Negro  the cuts run deep  in my hand standing in mist of white,blood of the Negro in the cottonland .I feel the flames of their hate and dang it burns like heck  the wrong that they have done that is evil will dwell on their souls blue diamonds of the negro to cold history is so bias you covered our history with dirt we had a motherland the indignant white demeaned us and left  a brand in our conquering soul. I am the Negro . I say loud & clear I am the NEGRO ,my dear I will not fear NEGRO N.E.G.R.O.

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