Mi Abuela

My grandma , mi abuela

the only woman who loved me

the one who hugged me when i cried


My grandma mi abuela

she inspired me

she opened my eyes 

showed me the world

taught me not to fear the things outside me


My grandma mi abuela

she taught me how to speak

she would sing me a lullaby just so i could sleep

she would always check for the monsters under my bed

she would scare them away and kissed me on my head


My grandma mi abuela

she made me hot chocolate

she made it so sweet

it tasted well as i drank from it


My grandma mi abuela

she smelled like roses

her smile was so beautiful 

it was brighter than kids cold noses


i never had a frown when she was around

i loved her so much 

she was the woman i looked up to


My grandma mi abuela

she inspired me so much

but when she was gone my world had changed

it was not the same 


i knew i was small 

but i still understood

she was not coming back


i understood that i would never see her again 


Crying every night 

waiting for her to come

she never showed up 

not even once


My grandma mi abuela

ever since she left

I've never been the same

I've made bad choices

i live with fear that doesn't dare to disappear


My grandma mi abuela

i miss her so much

after everything I've said

i just want to say 

i need you right now.


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