When I was little I had a vision of life

Drilled into my head by Disney and fairy tales

Life was perfect and to the point

With a knight and shining armor

When ever trouble would stir he'd be by your side

Older and wiser I can see it was all misleading

Hearing cursing and yelling all night long

Trying to get to a happy place

Where there weren't bad people

Who would cheat and lie and wish you would die

No witches with broom sticks to give you dealthy positions

Or evil step mothers

To tell you your faults and defects of your life

No Princes leading you on with dashing good looks, who'll use you like trash 

Life is a big confusing play ground

Everyone starts this cycle day after day

If you play your cards right you'll have smooth sailing

But even those full houses can lead you astray

Oh how I envy the innocent little souls

Still believing in fairy tales

When I was little I had a vision of life

But now I see that it ain't all it's cracked up to be


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