Flower in a dark room


her beautiful eyes can make you forget your troubles

looking deep into her eyes you can see miles and flashback

you can just sit there and watch her every movement

you can feel free with her, her innocent lips and perfect back

her beautiful smile, he addicted to it, its his metaphorical crack

wondering how they met and why


stumbling on sites and looking for a sight to go seeng 

he found simething more than he could have asked for 

he was dancing with the devil making bets and deals,

making plans of growing up and blowing up and messing with a whore 


as he walked down this destructive road he found 

complete numbness, he found joy in hurting others and selling dope

a shady afternoon while chilling at the court yard he spots his dime 

he walks up and spits his game and prepose to elope


looking at her made him wanna change, he couldnt face his ego

he couldnt live with him self knowing he could hae been her hero


he wanted to be more than just a thug he wanted to be a father

his biggest fear was ending like his dad and losing his mother


but he never made it he aways forgot her birthdays and important days 

he always treated her like shit, layed hands on her and made her feel like trash


when he spoke to her she told him that she's done and its over

watching her be independent olny made him dependent on his drugs


bottled up with anger and bombarted with critsim he decides to rob a bank

he figured he would have couple figures and level up his rank, as he walked in

holding tht nine for the first time he felt like he had power, he left with a bag full of money and an empty heart


tht same night he felt useless and decide to hang him self, before he left the world he left a scrible

it read " always think about others and  consider her as your gift or you'll die single"


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