If I could fly away at least for a day
Id walk away with nothing to say. 
Many tears and so much pain, sometimes I wish it would rain. 
How can I question my higher power
When I know he's my main provider. 
The good always suffer and the bad always seem to prosper. 
A place of peace and quiet
A soft pillow and cool sheets
A dark room where all my enemies and fears meet.
I'm afraid and cannot find the strength in me.  
I was always taught that running is for the weak
But when the heart skips a beat
What do I do when my knees give up on me? 
Such a crazed lonely world
This pain isn't meant for any boy or girl. 
God, if my tears don't succeed and my heart can't reach
Send me the guidance and the path to be the best of me I can be. 
No one can make it in this world alone
We all need an arms reach to another soul. 
Lord, I thank you for the pain but most of all for another day.
The Angels you send my way, 
Destroy me not, in case I lead them astray. 
Everyday is a rainy day
And all thoughts are completely grey.
So forgive me for my sins
And lay me a new slate. 
For if I was an eagle, 
I'd leave it all and fly away.  


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