I Can't Live Without... Matthew

He smells like Old Spice and Degree

And a hint of something I can’t quite describe

He adjusts his glasses and shakes his head

When I say something silly

With a smirk on his face

That lets me know he can’t help but love me

As hard as his gaze might be at work

His eyes soften when they catch mine

And I can see relief that he’s not alone

And I feel blessed to be able to kiss his troubles away


His hands are thicker and more rough than mine

They are bigger, yet fit perfectly when interlocked with my dainty fingers

His armpit is the exact right proportion

For my head and neck to rest in

While still being able to look up

And reach his soft lips


He is just the right amount of strong and sensitive

And I know that when he’s here

I am safe

He doesn’t judge my irrational fears

Or anger or anxiety

He just listens and asks what I need


And the truth is this:

I could live without money

I could live without a home

I could live without schooling

I could live without sex

I could live without food


But I won’t imagine, NO

I CAN’T imagine

A world in which I don’t have my best friend

The reason I laugh

The reason I cry

The reason I love so deeply

I know God exists


I cannot and will not walk through life

Without him

Encasing me

Enamoring me

Encompassing me with his miraculous being


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