A Solution

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 22:24 -- ArianaT

I got inspired by this group you see, three ordinary college kids never guess who they could be,

just kickin it on an ordinary day, but telling an extraordinary story with the words that they say.

Not trying to jock their style or steal the message that their trying to portray but I mean hey, can I tell you about this world we live in from day to day.?

As i walk around I view the mysteries of this land so vast but dont get caught up in the darkest plans and be on the verge of finding yourself an outcast.

But how long will this fantasy that you live in last, ignoring the history of the past, and continuing to move on.

Acting like you're ashamed of your ancestry, those African Americans who fought to give you a better destiny, fighting for rights instead of just saying nah and sitting at home.

Thats what you fail to realize, just seeing what lies on the outside without looking in, there is an agenda that you keep missing, its hidden within, but you're too busy fitting in while your ears are filled with lies and your're blinded by what's fake, don't even use your eyes.

So right now I want you to recognize the true vision that the world gives off to everybody, death rate going up, people getting murdered and locked up, black people making it their hobby to be somebody but losing themselves in the process.

Yea, i believe they call it stuck, when you are out of luck no one around you to help the situation that you're in, but remember you wanted to be that cool kid from down the block so don't have a state of shock when that friend from way back then is no where to be found.

Mothers getting knocked down so far that they don't know what to do, trying to find a way out, make a way out of no way, like a piece of land in the middle of a drought, no water in the ground it's all dried out,

Just like this you can be in more situations than you can count, but you still don't comprehend that this generation is on edge, not the beginning but the end, just because you missed a message that was so profound.

You hesitate to know why people act the way that they do, thugs going around banging, women on the corner hanging, or that little kid just sitting there waiting.

But wait before you judge let's see why they do what they do, never saw it coming when that dude joined a crew because that's all he knew, no family around to tell him what's right or wrong, so he did one thing out of a few, bet you didn't have a clue.

As to why she stands on the corner, looking the way she does night after night, but you never saw it coming when her stepfather raped her day and night, so frightened and scared that she lost that will, the very will to fight, just a young teenage girl being herself, but after being filled with fright can you be bold enough to ask her how she felt.?

After waiting and waiting for so long that young boy finds himself lost, never knowing what the meaning of life truly costs, but starting to get these feelings, they weren't normal, well that's what he thought, trying to battle these feelings and emotions, he fought and he fought, but you never saw it coming that he believed he was homosexual, being locked within his own mental prison, his very own cell searching for help.

Father absent in his home, just a mother to care, so he became a little feminine but the burden began to wear down on him because he knew what would happened if someone found his secret.

So he found that one little way to keep it, a few days later his body found hanging from a ceiling, no one ever knew his inner feelings just deaf to what they should be hearing.

These three stories are not the only ones, life might make you think things are all games, just all fun, but instead there is an ongoing battle that needs to be won.

You need to stop living life as if its a mystery, buckle down on your history, are hearing me or just listening.?

Because this philosophy that things are easy is a conspiracy, so with all that mess you missing me.

Delve into what you are obligated to accomplish, stop holding yourself hostage and acting like you lost it,use your brain, find some logic, that solution to all your problems. 


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