The Life of a College Student

The Life of a College Student


Hey Mom,


I am writing you from college.

You know, I came book smart, but when it comes to household chores I just don’t have that much knowledge.

I have a Pinterest board full of tricks and tips

But when it comes to performing them in real life,

I break out into hives and start to itch.

Like how many teaspoons are in a cup?

Why is it so expensive to fill my gas tank up?

My roommate doesn’t know how to boil water.

Our air conditioning is broken and my apartment keeps getting hotter and hotter.


Hey Mom,


I have a hypothetical question to ask.

Say I was cooking dinner…

Dropped the pan and shattered the glass.

Is a doctor nearby covered on our insurance?

Maybe I need stitches.

Or just some reassurance.

I know what you would tell me, Mom.

To toughen up and put on my big girl britches.

But this sea of red is starting to stain the rug.

And the only thing I really want right now is a big bear hug.


Hey Mom,


Sorry to write again.

But the laundry machine is just not my friend.

A red sock slipped in with my white sheets,

When I pulled out the pink material I let out a shriek.

I used too much detergent and that made it worse,

When I had to clean up the bubbles I wanted to curse. (But you raised me better than that)



Hey Mom,


It’s been a whole week since I wrote you last.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of my domestic skills.

I had a cleaning check today and actually passed!

One thing I would really like some help with

Is paying my bills.


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