Metal diseases


I see to many people think that a mental disease can be fixed easily or that it's a joke. Depression, axiety, eating disorders are something we cannot just walk away from. An eating disorder is hating the way you feel about your body, the way you feel about yourself and making a dramatic change that may never make you feel better because the image you see in the mirror is the image you have seen most of your life. You can physically change, look different but you will never be satifisifed.

Depression, if you have it it's waking up feeling awful some mornings and other mornings just being fine. It's being in a relationship and be completely happy but still having days where you try for hours on the one you love because your mind thinks up CRAZY senarios that they'll leave, they won't stay. You cry and cry and no matter how much you are getting attention or comfort, you may still feel the same way the next day. It's when a cute girl at the coffee shop smiles at your boyfriend, you think he's going to leave me for sure because I'm not smart. I'm not pretty. I'm ugly. Depression can be from anything. Depression can apply once something tramatic happens in your life. Depression can be how you feel about yourself and how others have felt about you in the past. There may be one person who loves you entirely and thinks you're perfect but you'll never agree.

Anxiety can be when you stress out about everything and want to give up, you keep pushing yourself not to but end up screaming your head off. Anxiety is when you're in a large group of people and itch your skin until there's red marks everywhere and you cruel into a ball on a nearby couch or walk away from everyone, maybe go outside because you feel they're all juding you. It's when your friends think you've been mean or depressed for several months when really there's just a lot going on in your life and you aren't sure how to handle it so you don't talk or you lash out when people bring it up.


Mental disorders, they aren't fun and honestly in my opinion I think we all have one to an extent. For example we all go through depression even if it's just for a day, if it's when a family member or someone close dies. We've all felt the unsettling feeling of people juding us in a large crowd. We all have hated something about our selves at one point and dramatically change it, even if it's just our hair.

The only difference is the extent and the level of a mental disorder you have that people define you as "crazy" or "physotic", "unstable" or "deranged". It isn't right one bit but sometimes that's how life goes. Nothing is perfect, nothing is certain. Happiness isn't always there and neither is sadness.

Life isn't easy nor does it have to be hard.


REMEMBER no matter what's wrong or how you think, you're perfect just the way you are.

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Stormie Shadle

I love this. Its all true. We all have a little bit of a disorder whether we want to admit it or not. Great Job!


Beautiful!!! I love this poem so much thank you for sharing it with us

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