The new me

A while ago I was a young and naïve little girl

That believed just about anything



In the past I was alive and free

With no care in the world other than

Trying to get mummy’s and daddy’s attention.



Yesterday I was a quiet girl that

Was turning into a shell

Of the former girl I used to be.



In the past I was an angry girl

Trying to hide from the world



In the past I had a bottle connected

To my lips trying to take away

Everything I felt and all my secrets

From the world I was hiding from



Yesterday I was a broken girl with her heart in a box

Surrounded by chains under lock and keys



But today the shell has been filled again

But with a new girl in her place

The angry girl no longer

Hides from the world

The bottle around my lips were

Surgically removed so that

The world can finally know the truth

My heart has been removed from

My protection and is in the care of another

Even though at times I know it’s scary

I am glad I am waking up everyday



As this brand new me


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