The Life of Summer Lives Through Me

School is back in session,

The free days are over,

Yet still a constant rhythym pounds through me,

Rushing like sunlight through my veins.


My pulse rises as the clock ticks down,

An explosion of joy as the bell rings,

I go away to my world of music now,

And there, all night I will stay,


Polyphonic strains play into my ears,

Endless waves of inspiration strike me,

When I arrive home, the music goes on,

The lovely atmosphere I have is so inviting,


But wait, this is not my finale still,

I run up the stairs and in my room,

My faithful guitar and songbook wait,

They wait for me to begin again our great song.


I strum the strings, they ring, they ring,

And the melodious song captures the feel in my soul,

Summer flows forth, not just a season, but a reason,

A reason to be joyful and creative even when the sun moves on!


The Life of Summer lives through me!

Like a sweet song, it pours forth,

And I shall sing it all my days,

Until at last my voice carries no more


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