I Don't Understand


United States
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I don't understand why I wasn't good enough.
I don't understand why I was so devastated.
I don't understand why they knew I deserved it, but
wasn't received to me.

I just do not understand.
For weeks, months, days I couldn't stop thinking about it
For weeks,months,days I couldn't stop crying about it.
I tried and tried to figure out why it wasn't me, lost in all this confusion.

But you over-looked me/
The one thing I loved the most turned into hatred.
I tried to cope with it but was it worth it?
Worth the tears and stress, was it?

But in the end it made me only stronger and wiser.
It made me open my eyes to different parts of the world
my eyes have never seen before,
It made me think twice about what i'm dong.
I learned a lot that day and hope to never come back
to these horrible, humiliating feelings ever again.
Even till this day, I still do not understand why....



That's just how you made me feel.

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