All I want is love

It’s been a long time coming, women and civil rights, but yet we still segregate and hate. “Be different” they say, “be yourself”, but it’s illegal to do so. To love who I want and live happily ever after, forbid. The ones who stand up and preach forgiveness and love are the ones who hate me. They are the ones who say it’s wrong, and that I can be cured with some classes and a little preaching. Like something’s wrong with me, I’m not some kind of animal or criminal. I just want to love and be loved as you do. “We love everyone” they say, just not those who are gay. It’s driven by hate, by ignorance. Until two men or two women can stand up and exchange their vows recognized by law, we live in a world of hate. What makes you so special; you’re no better than the next. Because I love someone of the same sex, because I want to be happy, you look down on me? Why are you better, why do you get to judge me? Why do you get to sit here and tell me I’m wrong? I didn’t chose this, live a day in my life, it’s cruel. So many tears, so many bullies, so much hate. I’m hated by the ones, who say they are holy, by the ones who preach about love. Let me love, let me live happy, let me be free in this land. I’m hated by society, I live a lonely life. I do not judge you for your actions; I have not done anything wrong. All I want is love. 


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