Why Am I Here?

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 18:31 -- mitzy11


            Why am I Here?

The answer is not clear.

He has no lesson plan or teaching material.

He has never prepared notes or even a PowerPoint, so I ask, “Is this for real?”

The lectures are pointless and irrelevant; based on life experience.

If we read the articles required for the homework, showing up to lecture makes no sense.

The lectures are common knowledge; the homework consists of two short answer questions.

He forgets which homework questions he assigned; topics of importance, he rarely mentions.

The class is Human Sexuality, although you could easily confuse it for a film class.

Every time you walk into the room, a cultural movie is playing; making it easier for time to pass.

I gave up and decided to show up only when an assignment is due.

Once a week I show up at the end of class to turn them in, and I’m in class for a minute or two.

I value education, although I feel like this class is a waste of time,

Perhaps he was a decent professor when he was at his prime.

Only one fourth of the class currently shows up to his lectures, I wonder if he’s noticed.

Perhaps I’m not the only one with this mentality; he’s dismissed the fact that he won’t be missed.

I seek a challenge; although what I received was an easy “A.”

I am still grateful, even though education costs are high, and I like to gain knowledge if I pay.

I made the Honor’s List this quarter, but my knowledge of human sexuality could be expanded.

Perhaps a stern, vigorous professor is what I should have demanded.

This class was an elective, not for my major,

Which is why in this anthropological field, I don’t mind being educationally poor.

But if this professor was in the psychological field,

Then my opinions would have to be revealed.

Because any class he would teach, I would have to withdraw.

Watching movies for eight weeks straight was my last straw.

Some of these comments may be negative or cruel,

But that is the point of the Sh*t You Can’t Tell Your Teacher scholarship slam for school.

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