Skin and bones

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 19:39 -- AAFAN12


Her heads down in the hallway,

she doesnt wanna be there,

covers her scars with her sleeves,

and her face with her hair;

And when she gets home,

theyre always so hard to please,

she hides in her room,

so they will never see;

That she crys herself to sleep at night,

she just wants to give up the fight,

no one sees shes falling apart,

no one sees theyre breaking her heart;

She hates the way she sees herself,

when she looks in the mirror,

throws away all of herself,

just to get a little thinner;

She wants to blame society,

she wants to blame the world,

she wants to blame her parents,

but the blames just getting old;

Shes dying inside and nobody notices,

frail tiny little girl with broken promises,

scars on her arms and loneliness in her heart,

she just wants to end this;

Now shes all made up of skin and bones,

living in this world alone,

wishing shw could be perfect,

i hope shell realize its not worth it..


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