My emotions have change for

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 23:41 -- hcumbie

My emotions have change for the ever more its become so much more.

The obstacles i face that is in my way, seems not to be a problem, oh how my life has change, with you right next to me,

It all started with you, cause of the pit in my stomach was as an never ending punch.

I had never expected once more, but here i am once again.

Though i have yet to neglect...something.

I know its been a couple of days..and I have yet to express.

The true feelings I feel, but i keep it all inside, cause I'm less of myself.                                                    

I want to talk with you everyday for the rest of my life,

I dont want to let you go, your all that I have right now.

If I ask you, to speak the truth will you tell...

Do I mean to you as much as you do to me,



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