To You, From Me

To my darling, Anxiety—


Hello, I haven’t missed you.

Not that you ever left, but if you did

I would not miss you.

I would not miss the way you make my hands shake when I am feeling vulnerable, 

Or the 50 pound lead weight

That you have gifted me, 

and keep inside my gut

For when bad things happen. 

My personal time keeper,

who also reminds me 

that time isn’t real, 

and we’re living on the borrowed kind. 

What would I do without you when

I am almost asleep, and I remember a word,

A phrase, a look, a touch, 

who would help me

Over-analyze, and undermine

reassurances given by a pale face, 

with a concerned look, like “who is standing behind you? And whispering in your ear?”

I would introduce you, but with a presence like yours, everyone knows you are there, even if they can’t see you 

all the time. 

Here is your sweet reminder, 

that I do not love you. 

Here is my gentle invitation,

To quit haunting me. 

This letter is stamped

“Do not reply.”, though, 

I know, with an utmost certainty, 

You will be finished writing your letter

Before I can even mail mine. 


Sincerely, Ashleigh. 


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Wow creative ideas ode to anxiety. All of us have our moments of anxiety but u wrote it in a very appealing style. Thumbs up.


 . pls do review my latest poem too, I'm quite new here but have been writing elsewhere for ages and readers say they get messages for life from my poems. So pls add your thoughts under it.

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