The Darkest of Days


United States
37° 11' 46.8132" N, 113° 35' 47.9688" W

I walk by myself, alone.
Nobody seems to notice or care.
Emotionally I seem to have not grown.
I have thoughts I cannot share.

Where is the support?
Why can't I make choices?
My mind is a fallen fort.
I hear degrading voices.

Its been so long that my days are dark.
I wonder, will there ever be a light?
Off in the distance I hope what I hear is a Meadowlark.
These are never ending days of fright.

This pain must go.
The pills call my name.
Each day the anxiety grows.
Everyone pill I take, the more I feel shame.

I need more, it's not enough.
I wake...nearly dead, lying on the floor.
The man feeling my heart saying "be tough".
I'm on a stretcher being taken out the door.

What happened?
My thinking for so long has not been clear.
My mind had been blackened.
The doctor, I now must hear.

I got the attention.
Now I have someone who listens to me.
Why did they not care till now, I question?
They just could never see.

The more I talk, the brighter my days become.
I am happy to be alive.
My heart is now joyful and beats like a drum.
Now I know I will thrive, because I survived.

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I love this poem. I'm so glad you're still alive to tell your story. I'm sure you're a great person who doesn't deserve to die so young. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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