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when we started
it was a mess
no structure
it was bound to unravel
hit the truth light
on some hurtful level
it was bound to fall apart
from the lies the secrets
the unfaithful hearts
but off ask for forgiveness
we are just human
yeah we ain't perfect
asking yourself
are we worth it
when the tears starts falling who gone be calling
crawl up in a ball n
wishing that it would end
can even sleep at night
all the insecurities
the guilt breathes
and the trap door
that you suppress
your under stress
your trying to breathe
some plz get the crash cart plz
cuz your hearts failing
your soul need saving
asking god to help
that you been behaving
so you pray
trying to make the pain go away
anything to escape
when you close your eyes
the flash back escalates
and your feeling all the hate
trying to tell yourself its not too late
before you emaciate
you give up right before the inauguration
holding onto old contemplations
the tears filling up old holes destinations
and you drowning down all these places
trying to blur away all these faces
its crisis
and you rolling in your bed
wishing that you were dead
tryna find some peace
peace to set you free
then the sun starts rising and realize you were just asleep to
you lock it up and throw away the key
open up your eyes
bed wet from tears
drench in your sleep
sit up and start to weep
another memory for you to keep
so you breathe
try let some air out
hearts pounding against your chest
as you exhale out
then you get off the bed and get ready to start your day
soon you close the door that smile returns on your face
you return to this mask of a familiar place
until night time falls once more
and your conscience opens up its doors
its eating away at you inside
slowly gnawing at your intestines
it’s a crime
it's a murder
that your dying but no one heard ya
but just no you not alone
gods with you when you get home
just get on your knees and pray
believe he’ll take the pain away
he here to stay
think about as you lay and then you close your eyes
and to your surprise
you fall sound asleep
no more does your heart weep
and you smile
cuz you know now your gods child

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