The Curse Is Broken

From the way my hands shake in your presence

The butterflies in my stomach go chaotic

The spell you put on me is pure magic

I can't believe this is happening this very moment

With the river living

And the trees growing

As the wind is breathing

The sky is neverending

I see something special that no one can take away

It doesn't have to be a person, it can be a Tuesday 

Just because you feel good, you go dancing in the rain

Just because you like it, you take a class to educate your brain

You can be anything you want to be 

As long as you believe

You can do anything you ever dream

Because what is for me is for me

This is for my sister who likes to talk on the phone

This is for my brother who loves to sing love songs

This is for my cousin who can't function without her coffee

This is for my best friend who is always shopping

No matter what it is, you can enjoy it

No matter the circumstances, you can explore it

I have a reason to smile, because I can't help it

I am happy, because the curse is broken



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