Deja Vu

Out the womb, fresh air, I finally feel the breeze.

Couple years later, I’m walkin, wobbly in the knees.

Now I’m finally in pre-school, tryna figure what I wanted to be.

Kindergarten tracing letters, I didn’t really like to read 

But I’m good tho.

1st grade, advanced, just like I should bro.

2nd, thinkin bout puttin me in 3rd, I think I should go.

But i ain’t wanna leave my friends, before I didnt know they was gon leave me in the end.

And 4th grade, started hoopin, football & baseball wasn’t for me.

5th grade you couldn’t touch me, they was callin me young Kobe.

Now it’s time to be a big boy.

6th grade, my girl was in 8th,

now that was a good choice.

7th grade, all of a sudden my feet getting bigger

how I grow 3 sizes up?

8th grade, I’m still gettin bigger.

9th grade like im ready for high school,

so excited, never wanted to say goodbye school

10th, a mustache and a light goatee.

11th, I got my L’s but tore my Acl, couldn’t walk for so long

hoop dreams kinda faded.

12th, I’m back and sat out the whole season

always never question, everything happens for a reason

Hit me like I’m about to be an adult now.

my tassel is on the left side, so I’m thinkin what now?

Goin to school for another 4 years is what I wrote down.

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