Unrequited Intentions

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 14:50 -- madsl24

you were nothing more than lust

a craving I could not ignore

I could hear your heart racing

faster and louder and repeat

your hands they were heavy with bad intentions

your traced my skin with tainted kisses

I was silent and getting more impure with every slight and sweaty caress 

I did not care though because you were going to be the first

I wanted you 

but not in the way you wanted me 

I wanted a first 

you were just on a conquest

in the end no one got anyone 

but you left parts of my innocence bruised and broken

 it was nothing to you because you were not free of anothers touch

I had never explored someone else

it was not much but now I have

 and I regret even the slightest touch

I do not want the touch of someone who wants nothing more than lust

I want to mean something









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