No Love Lost

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 16:40 -- JonJC

You had all of me

Then you burn the sheets

On the bed we slept

And the bed I sleep

burning our love

You broke my heart

Ripping the skies

but thru those cloudy days and pain

I saw light

You filled my heart with lies

like the clouds fill with rain

like the clouds above us, you rein

You cloud my jugdement causing it to rain.

Children dance in puddles of tears

Our love fell like raindrops

But it drizzled

So I thought of it as a common struggle in a relationship

But you called me to re-define what love is...

What is love?

You say love is what we did on the floor...

You say love is what you wrote on my door..

You say love is worth to being jealous of..

But who would be jealous of this?...

I don't know what love...

But love is not this..

But just like rain, I had to let go what was inside me, and left.

So that love can shine in this dark abyss...



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