Teen Suicide.


United States
37° 59' 15.8028" N, 84° 43' 53.6016" W

She looks calm and collected on the surface,
Under her tough shell she is screaming.
Inspiration for life and future are no where,
Can anyone ever love a mistake like her?
In her mind she will never be good enough.
Death is her only way out,
Eternal freedom from misery.

Calm and collected, she knows how to end her pain.
Alone in her struggle, but it's almost over now.
No one will miss her in her mind, no one will care.

Because nothing matters but freedom,
Eternal freedom from her pain.

So young, only fifteen, and she only wishes to die.
To be taken from this Earth and all the misery,
On to a better place, a free place, one of love.
People start to notice her resolve, her distance.
Prepared and ready she puts her plan in action.
Eternal freedom for her, eternal pain for her loved ones.
Death was her answer, and now her family knows, knows all her struggles.

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