Better Today Becasue of Driving

Look mom, look dad, I got a car!

I can see that I've come far.

I have freedom to go places, I have my keys,

I can drive and go where I please.

Thank you parents for teaching me how to drive,

It's like a momma bird teahing her young how to fly,

She pushes her yuong out of the nest, and the baby bird flaps

it's wings, thinking it will die.

It got pushed out of it's comfort zone, and that's what y'all did to me.

It's learning a new skill, learning to drive is learning to be free.

I was scared about going onto the highway,

cars zooming at 85 miles an hour,

but you where by my side, you didn't let me cower.

The day came when I went to the DMV,

to get my driver's license I came to see.

Took the test, I saw that I passed,

I was relieved that I could drive at last.

I am a different person as of today,

looking back I see that I've come a long way.


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