I look out the window to my right and see the sun rising.

I look to my left and see the clouds reflecting red and pink light.

I look in my rearview mirror at the stressful world I am leaving behind.

I look forward and see nothing but a long stretch of dirt road.

One arm is resting on the windowsill.

The other casually gripping the steering wheel.

My radio blasting country music, but I am not listening.

It is times like this where i can truly relax and enjoy life.

I can feel the tires gripping the packed red dirt.

I can feel the heat of the sun on my neck as it continues to rise.

I can feel all of my worries and problems slipping away. 

There is no rush. There is no bustle. There is nothing holding me back.

There is nothing but a man, his truck, and the road.



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