Momma's Best


Yeah, here's my life. I welcome you to it.
  Welcome to huge secrets pouring out my mouth because
              of two thick, pale fingers.
  Welcome to black blood drippin impurities all over my mother's untouched rugs.
               Welcome to my personal Hell.
   Here's the heartache and the vengance that soak with red my wrists.
               and Here's the sorrow that etches the art above my fists.
   A toast to the anger streaming down in black,
               and there are your reminders lining down my back.
   Retrack the drunken nights with you, and all the screams I cried
               go back to the days I looked at God and lied.
   And down there in that bowl is all of my regrets,
               streaming out in chunks and tears dripping down on momma's best.


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